Uniden HomePatrol and GPS

After a few months, I ended up getting a great deal on a HomePatrol 1 and 2 from a member of a local scanner group. I did get a lot of things included with it:

  • Uniden HomePatrol I
  • Uniden HomePatrol II
  • 2 GPS Units (BC-GPSK)
  • A litany of cables, USB Splitters, and 12 dead batteries. :)

After getting everything unboxed, it’s been sitting on my desk and my bedside table, gleefully providing noise to my work day, or, my evening before I go to bed, depending on where I’m at/what I’m doing.

My time in Dallas has come to an end, so, as I’m packing up, I’m thinking, “Hrm. Maybe I should get this set up so I can listen to what’s going on in the car as I’m driving! I’ve got these GPS units, I wonder if they will automatically populate the location for me based on where I’m at on the highway!”

If you’re Interested in doing something like this, what my advice is: don’t. You will need a cigarette adapter to go from the car to the GPS, then a cable from the GPS to the HomePatrol, then a cable to charge your HomePatrol. Also, for some weird reason, my HomePatrol 1 picks up the GPS, but, my HomePatrol 2 doesn’t, and that’s even with them being powered by the same codeplug.

These are great for stationary use (which Is why they’re HomePatrol units: not MobilePatrol Units), but, I’ll need to find a different solution for something that’s truly mobile.